Its June of 2018! Check your extinguishers for the last time they've been serviced. Has it been a year for yours yet? Give us a call!
Its June of 2018! Check your extinguishers for the last time they've been serviced. Has it been a year for yours yet? Give us a call!

PA Fire Safety Info & Regulations

Home: Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are a “Band-aid” approach to fire suppression and are not intended to be used on large, uncontrolled fires. You must evaluate the conditions and determine if you can safely use a portable fire extinguisher or immediately escape the situation. Never position yourself with the fire between you and your means of escape. If you do use a portable fire extinguisher, and have extinguished a fire, never turn your back on the fire as it can flare up again unexpectedly. Back away from the fire, observing it closely.


For home use, look for portable fire extinguisher with an “ABC” rating on the label. The can be used for more home fires including ordinary combustible materials, flammable liquids, and electrical fires.


Put portable fire extinguishers in your kitchen, garage basement, and car in location where they can be readily accessed.


Learn how to operate fire extinguishers and use them on a fire. Check with your local fire department or service professional for any kind of training.


Have fire extinguishers serviced yearly by a reputable fire extinguisher dealer!



Material Source: Pennsylvania “Office of the State Fire Commissioner” Website

Small Business Use: Portable Fire Extinguishers.


Just like you would in your own home get some fire extinguishers handy around your business. Some usual locations like the break room, in the hall ways, near exit doors, and other common areas around your place of business. Small fires could happen in the work place just as easy as they could at home.


Because you’re a business, you have more rules to follow to stay current with NFPA regulations. Every business location is unique and has different standards to pass the NFPA standards. Often times, ongoing servicing is required by the NFPA and your local Authority-Having Jurisdiction.


Many insurance companies may require documentation that periodic checks and maintenance have been performed on extinguishers.


Material Source: The National Fire
Protection Association “NFPA” Website